jeudi 2 juin 2016

Smart IPTV on Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablettes and PC

Setup IPTV on Devices:

Mag Box

  • Go into inner portal

Power cycle your box and hold ‘gear’ button on the remote while box is loading. Gear button is in the middle of the second line of buttons, going from the top of remote.
  • Go into settings

As you are in the inner portal, press ‘gear’ button on the remote again to get into settings menu.
Note: There is a settings menu gear icon in the portal also, this is the wrong menu. You need the one that is accessed by gear button on the remote
  • Select ‘Servers’ option
  • Type " we will give you an address to put here " into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field
You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote)
  • Select and press ‘OK’ button to save the changes
For more informations you can show this tutorial :


  • Download VLC Player , click on Media , click on Open Network Streams - enter the link
  • To update the m3u link : Copy the link in a web browser , hit enter . Save the file . Open the link with vlc player.  Now your m3u list is updated and ready to use . You should update when necessary

Smart TV

  • If you never used IPTV go to , click activation and activate your TV
  • To upload the playlist go to " My List " , enter your Mac Tv address and upload the playlist
  • Make sure the first you download the Smart Tv App from your TV
You can download the app in the official LG Apps Store
(Lifestyle category) in your country.
If there is no app in your country, try signing up in another country's Smart TV Services and download the app from there (see countries list). Press here for activation options.

Disclaimer: The application itself does not contain any channels, but is rather just a tool to stream online video.
Running Smart IPTV app from USB Flash Drive: - this method is not for impatient users and not as intuitive.


  • Download an App called " IPTV " by Alexander Sofronov via GooglePlay , Press add playlist and enter the link - there is also another app in Playstore called " ONIPTV "



  • Open Kodi

  • Select SYSTEM

  • Select Add-ons

  • Select Disabled Add-ons

  • Select PVR IPTV Simple Client

  • Select Enable

  • Select Configure

  • In General set Location to Remote Path (Internet address)

  • Select M3U Play List URL

  • Type the M3u link ( will be given once you paid/test )

  • Still in General turn off Cache m3u at local storage & select OK

  • Go back to your Home Screen

  • Select SYSTEM

  • Select Live TV

  • In General turn on Live TV by selecting Enabled

  • Select Playback & turn OFF Start playback minimised

  • Restart Xbmc/Kodi

For more informations you can show this tutorial :